Peter Purgathofer

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Peter Purgathofer by Mind Map: Peter Purgathofer

1. The Radical Portfolio

2. Legend

2.1. Nodes are drag and drop, place them anywhere you like

2.2. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

2.3. Hover over the circle with lines to read attached notes

2.4. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

3. Design theory/Design Practise

3.1. how does design factor into daily life?

3.2. "Actual learning is a collateral benefit of going to school/university"

3.2.1. The Game of School

4. Education

4.1. You can pass a test

4.1.1. Or You can learn something

4.2. We create systems

4.2.1. and analyse students as they take tests based on these systems

4.3. 5 years ago

4.3.1. If I work harder, do students learn more? NO!

4.4. 2 years ago

4.4.1. Slides on a board

4.4.2. internal twitter allows students to actively interact with the lecture tags comments favorites notes links 2-3 weeks post lecture

4.4.3. Lecturer slides notes sources questions answers

4.4.4. 50% of notes are posted during class 50% are posted post class

4.4.5. Findings Take slides from future lectures

4.5. Now

4.5.1. The Radical Portfolio No assignments No deadlines No exams or tests No >>game of school<<

4.5.2. A catalogue of activities students document online portfolio system We assign points for good work No single activity is more than 10% of the final grade most are <5% hand-in limit/week eliminates student end of semester rush

4.5.3. Students can review contributions of their peers via double blind reading Students can also ask for review before handing in activity peers teachers

4.5.4. A new suggested activity is accepted is worth +2 points

4.6. Results

4.6.1. reverse bell curve

4.6.2. a catalogue of activities can subvert a degree i.e. let me learn what I want to learn to make me successful

4.6.3. Student's collection of work is online archived forever can be used in the future for job interviews/examples Allows students to build a working portfolio WHILE still in school