Marketing Presentation

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Marketing Presentation by Mind Map: Marketing Presentation

1. Defination

1.1. connectifier

2. delivery and cost

2.1. delivery

2.2. cost discussion with 30 to 60 days free or charge as per usage

3. demo of the value

4. Alliance

4.1. Google

4.2. Tesla

5. differentiation

5.1. what make us unique

5.1.1. cost performance benifits of using

6. ebusiness

6.1. how what when

6.1.1. immpact

7. impact of the tripple bottom line

7.1. people, planet,profit

8. research and put the research link

9. visual

9.1. Battery[Shielding]

9.2. Screen?

9.3. Box, Cylinder center, visual effect for AI

10. market strategies with how we will apply

11. analysis

12. how our connectifier will impress world with different technology

13. we will do advertise on social media, Television,Radio, flyer etc