Virtual Rooms

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Virtual Rooms by Mind Map: Virtual Rooms

1. Prior Prototype

2. Two Different Customers

2.1. Business' will have access to different meeting alternatives

2.2. Eventually in the future we can bring virtual rooms to homes so anyone can use it

3. Cost Structure

3.1. license fee

3.2. free 30 days

4. Delievery

5. present value chain

5.1. using recycled computer parts we can use the improvements to make the boards better to use for our virtual room headsets

5.2. Using small processors just like smart phones to run the software of the virtual rooms, more efficient way.

6. alliances

6.1. google

6.2. dropbox

6.3. microsoft

6.4. skype

6.5. WebEx

7. Differentiation

7.1. My Product is:

7.2. Better

7.2.1. Better and cleaner alternative to travelling to different places around the world to meet with these people.

7.3. Cheaper

7.3.1. Cheaper alternative because you don't have to keep spending money on gas, plane tickets, or other forms of transportation

7.4. Faster

7.4.1. This is newer technology and uses new forms of technology of course these will be faster than the current technology we have.

8. Ebusiness

8.1. Really is all ebusiness improving meetings with the idea of virtual rooms

9. research

9.1. find new trends in virtual reality and see how we can implement it or go further beyond

10. applied marketing and strategy

10.1. See the ideas out there after our research and try to explain them and why they are succesful

11. analysis and prep

11.1. Looking for different issues that virtual reality offers and trying to fix those. It will be ideal for customers

12. Triple Bottom Line

12.1. Profit from the Virtual Rooms

12.2. People have easier and better alternatives to meeting

12.3. CO2 emissions are lower

13. PEP