Virtual Rooms Marketing Presentation

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Virtual Rooms Marketing Presentation by Mind Map: Virtual Rooms Marketing Presentation

1. Two Different Customers

1.1. Small Buisnesses

1.1.1. Smaller Scale Low Cost Options

1.2. Large Corporations

1.2.1. Full Size High Cost Premier Model

2. Cost Structure

2.1. Enterprise Solution

2.1.1. More Options & Scalability

2.2. Standalone Professional Solution

2.2.1. Less Options More Practical For Small Buisness

3. Delivery

3.1. Contractor Gives Estimate On Cost of Implementation

3.2. Hardware Cost Included in Cost of Construction

3.3. Implementation Includes 5 Years of Customer Support

4. present value chain

4.1. Recycled Parts can be used to cut costs and help the environment.

4.2. Processing Power Would be only what is needed

4.3. Keep Warehouse Stock At a set Level to keep profits at maximum and avoid hiccups

5. Alliances

5.1. USENIX Association

5.2. CISCO

5.3. Microsoft

5.4. Web-Ex

6. E-Buisness

6.1. Offer Support & Sales over the internet

6.2. Virtual Rooms is Completely Online Will Re-invent how E-Buisness is done

6.3. Online Marketing

7. Differentiation

7.1. Communicate From Anywhere With Extreme Realism

8. Applied Marketing & Strategy

8.1. Focus on Larger Corporations at First

8.2. Market to Universities & Colleges

8.3. Showcase at electronic conventions

9. Triple Bottom Line

9.1. Generate Less C02 emmisions with less travel

9.2. Save money due to less travel

10. PEP

10.1. Conferences to Excite the market

10.2. Show how fun this technology can be

11. Analysis and Prep

11.1. Analyze Market For Potential Customers

11.2. Determine Potential Profit Margins

11.3. Prepare Product For ShowCasing

12. Research

12.1. Current Technologies

12.2. Viabilities in Today's Market