What are some ways that the school could or is investing in the self-care of their teachers/staff?

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What are some ways that the school could or is investing in the self-care of their teachers/staff? by Mind Map: What are some ways that the school could or is investing in the self-care of their teachers/staff?

1. This is Lorraine Starks. One idea to invest in self care is to create an environment that encourages teachers to each lunch with each other, rather than allowing students/teachers to work in their rooms through lunch. It is important to connect and take a break. Just a suggestion.

2. Hey this is Fallon!! :) I finally got this to work- yay! I think this school is pretty good with positive social morale. Being able to go into my room during part of my conference time, listen to music, and be completely alone is all I want! :) I can do this so yay!!! :)

3. Provide a relaxing place for staff to eat that is not in the "work room". I prefer to eat in my room because it is much more relaxing than the "work room". The atmosphere in the work room is that of work, not relaxation. The lounge and work room should be separate spaces. And the language used and topics of conversation taking place there should be appropriate for all. G. Bain

4. I think this campus does a great job of supporting teachers and creating an atmosphere that supports teachers as they grow. I agree with Mrs. Bain's suggestion that a separate lounge area would be great. Just like our students, sometimes we need a "safe place" to regroup.

5. Sonic Drink surprise for parking in back was GREAT! ~Gibson

6. this is Lively-surprise Sonic was great! Surprise treats and even a word of encouragement goes a long way in making sure employees feel valued and that their work means something to someone.

7. Start with fewer things to have to sign-up for during PD! Seriously - I love the after hours get-togethers, the lunches cook-outs (even though I didn't get any of Too Tall's ribs!) and other events. I think it's important for the grades to intermingle more - that way we know where the kids are coming from or where they need to get. - brock

8. Jean days are great. Flipped PD's are also great because I can do professional development on my own time. - Lane

9. I also would love to recognize birthdays and more jean days would be perfect!

10. I like the flipped PD idea. It gives a little more freedom to recharge on Wednesday afternoon. -Alvarado

11. Words of encouragement are awesome and it shows that the hard work is recognized....supporting us mentally. Also, loved the idea of Sonic drinks...supporting us physically??:)

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13. Make sure you click edit map on the bottom. Click the plus sign at the top in the blue line to comment and add your name. Or you can comment using the add comment box on the right. J.Torres

14. After this past weekend, I believe the school is doing everything possible to invest in our self-care. Without further explanation, the school spent a lot of money on behalf of all staff to insure the buildings safety. Mind you, that's just a small portion of all they do. They seek not only to recognize students but teachers as well. - Reecie Cannon

15. I agree with Lorraine. It is the time we spend building relationships with one another that really makes the greatest difference. I have never felt so encouraged to take care of myself than in our school. Having the freedom to ask for personal days and not get an evil eye is a huge help. Staff members are always willing to step in and provide a helpful hand when you feel overwhelmed. Times to spend time with each other to make the workplace more fun because we can have fun together.

16. I think it would be great to recognize staff birthdays by making it a part of the morning announcements. Heidi

17. I agree I believe that the school and staff are very supportive. I do love the idea of a "safe place where we can regroup would be great. Sometimes I just find I want to sit, not think or worry about anything. Even if there is not way I can get more than 60 secs of just breathing time, I do cherish every second. -Vaughn

17.1. I agree with Vaughn that we need a safe place where we can go to regroup ourselves. Overall, even this PD is a great start. -Cambambia

18. I would really LOVE a night (no parents or students) where we can go on a silent journey to the other classrooms on campus and collaborate and get to know each other. I love observing in other rooms but I want to be able to talk to the teachers, as well. ~Libby Hunter

19. I like Heidi's idea of recognizing staff birthdays. Also, I love jeans days. I wish we had more time to meet with other grade levels just to get to know each other.

20. I like the fact of flipped PD for the fact I can do it on my own time at home. I think the campus does great about words of encouragement, which really helps especially being my first year! -Swartzenberg

21. I am with my teaching partner on this one. While I feel that we are very supportive of one another, I feel like we could do better with communication as a campus. I also like the surprise treats and little way-to-go notes. Sometimes that's all I need to make it through the day. -Cook

22. Evaluate each educator's job responsibilities to make sure they are not unrealistic or overwhelming. Mr. Cr.