Generation WV

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Generation WV by Mind Map: Generation WV

1. Your Chapter (chapter contacts and info)

1.1. Get in Touch

1.2. Meet the Leadership Team

1.3. How to Run a Great Chapter

1.4. Chapter Login

2. Need Talent? (resources for employers)

2.1. Post Your Job

2.2. Guide to Attracting Talent

2.3. Employer Resources

3. Find it Here (jobs, housing and local info)

3.1. Job Opportunities

3.2. Find a Place to Live

3.3. Our Cool Towns

3.4. Helpful Information

4. Get to Know Us (blog, video and press)

4.1. Our Stories (blog and video)

4.2. Area Research

4.3. What the Press is Saying

5. Meet & Greet (networking events)

5.1. GWV Events

5.2. Chapter Events

6. Fellowships (applications & info)

6.1. Applications

6.2. Fellowship Information