New Data Base Technologies Fit into the Enterprises.

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New Data Base Technologies Fit into the Enterprises. by Mind Map: New Data Base Technologies Fit into the Enterprises.

1. IT operational data (logs, systems monitoring)

1.1. they need lightweight, quickly displayable database

2. Core business functions and enterprise transaction processing

2.1. payments, billing, tracking receipts, deliverables and payables

3. Special projects

3.1. need to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible

4. Analytics and business intelligence

4.1. choice of database environment depends on the type of work being performed

5. Security and compliance

5.1. database management systems have the secure environments

6. Real-time or sub-second processing and response requirements

6.1. databases offer the speed often required for real-time data streaming

7. Unstructured data analytics

7.1. reach of the database engines at the core and big data

8. Developer resources (configuration information)

8.1. IT professionals need databases they can quickly call up and deploy

9. Web applications

9.1. operating close to internet time and quickly handling spikes in usage

10. Ecommerce applications

10.1. databases for payment transaction processing

11. Testing and pilot projects

11.1. data collection errors

12. Peripheral/branch office support

12.1. a branch location will be transaction-focused

13. Embedded devices and applications

13.1. a number of embedded database products on the market“lite” versions of databases

14. Mobile applications

14.1. mobile smartphones require databases that are capable of going offline