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Medici by Mind Map: Medici

1. Lorenzo de Medici

1.1. tyranny tempered by the festivals that Florentines always loved passionately: carnivals, balls, tournaments, weddings, and princely receptions. (britannica)

1.2. Lorenzo il Magnifico (Lorenzo the Magnificent)

1.3. He was also respected as a poet of great talent. (britannica)

1.3.1. he spent much of his time writing love sonnets to Lucrezia Donati, and would keep sending love sonnets to other Florentine beauties. (borgia)

1.4. treated artists with “the affectionate and warm-hearted familiarity that allows a protégé to stand erect at the side of his protector, as man to man.” (britannica)

2. Clarice Orsini

2.1. Orsini

2.1.1. Connection to papacy (Borgia bull)

2.1.2. Old, regal family. Medici marrying up

2.2. “She is fairly tall, and fair, and has a nice manner, though she is not as sweet as our girls. She is very modest and will soon learn our customs…Her face is round, but it does not displease me…We could not see her bosom as it is the custom here to wear it completely covered up, but it seems promising.” (borgia)

2.3. the couple had ten children, three dying in childbirth, and they ended up becoming rather good friends even if they did not fall in love with each other. (borgia)

3. Medici symbolism

3.1. Medici Balls

3.1.1. coat of arms

3.2. laurel branch

3.2.1. medicinal properties- curative power of Medici (140)

3.2.2. virtue, triumph, peaceful rule, immortality (140)

3.3. the Medici had adopted the orange tree as its family symbol (italRen)

3.3.1. also symbol of the virgin (john)

4. Venus

4.1. Roman goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, passion and desire. (tales)

4.2. erives from the Latin word 'vanati' meaning "desires, loves, wins". (tales)

5. Flora

5.1. Roman goddess of flowers, fertility and spring who protected the early blossoms (tales)

5.2. "Flora is depicted throwing flowers that have been gathered in her dress. This is a means of symbolizing both springtime and fertility." -Primavera (ItalianRen)

6. Death mask

6.1. cast taken directly from the person's face (jane) pg.1

6.2. had influence on painting in the Quattrocento (jane) pg.1

7. Sandro Botticelli

7.1. Primavera

7.1.1. means spring

7.1.2. most of the figures have limbs which are long and slender and appear rather elegant. (italRen)

7.2. technique focused on line, his forms were lightly shaded, adept at using color. (italRen)

7.3. painted in oil (artble)

7.4. pupil of Filipo Lippi (artble)

8. Me- as an artist

8.1. Elisabetta Rosella Vicario

8.2. studied under Botticelli

8.2.1. interest in lightly shaded figures and yet bold color

8.2.2. figures tend to be slender and a bit elongated

8.2.3. enjoy using pagan references.