Student Retention and success

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Student Retention and success by Mind Map: Student Retention and success

1. My Examples

1.1. The Co-teacher method

1.2. Student characteristics and the cause they have on retention rates

1.3. Having self confidence is proven to improve retention rates

1.3.1. Inspire someone about your topic?

1.3.2. Specific grade?

1.3.3. Do your best work?

2. Example 1

2.1. The co-teacher method

2.2. Sentences

2.2.1. study conducted on the co teacher method, not only served as a co-teacher but a first year advisor. The first year for students is the most important when it comes to retention

2.2.2. The co-teacher held a masters/ PhD along with a high school teaching background

2.2.3. "The retention rates among first-years for URP (90-93%) exceeded the average rate for first year students for Curtin University (80-83%) by around 10% since the co-teaching mentor model began in 2009." Books News sources Blogs Supporting Data Expert reports Third party research Survey data Size of topic

3. Example 3

3.1. Self regulation is another key to a students success because the student has control over themselves and can maintain it.

3.2. Self efficacy is key to online learning because it helps the student set up goals and achieve them along with providing the motivation to achieve them.

3.3. Having more self confidence and possessing leadership traits give a student a better feeling of wanting to be there or finish the course

4. Thesis

4.1. Even though schools can't retain everyone, it is important to maintain a good rate because of student success and overall school success.

5. Example 2

5.1. Age, gender, marital status, had been proven to effect full time students, but did not seem to have an effect on part time students.

5.2. When it comes to online classes males are more likely to withdraw from it compared to females

5.3. Students who have a low GPA are more likely to withdraw from an online class, along with students who have previously dropped a course are likely to drop again

6. My conclusion will be all my whole essay summarized.