Mobile Apps By: Heather Relford and Kayla Kitterman

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Mobile Apps By: Heather Relford and Kayla Kitterman by Mind Map: Mobile Apps By: Heather Relford and Kayla Kitterman

1. Use for Writing

1.1. Notability

1.1.1. Use to take notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, and mark-up photos as well as record lectures and provide audio feedback.

1.2. Book Press

1.2.1. Create and write your own eBooks. You can even print them!

1.3. Watt Pad

1.3.1. Write and self publish your own books

2. Use for Reading

2.1. iBooks

2.1.1. Download and reading books via this eReader for iPhones and iPads.

2.2. Shakespeare Pro

2.2.1. Read complete works of Shakespeare, use the glossary to understand terms, study, and so much more!

2.3. OverDrive

2.3.1. Sync your library card account to this app to check out and read eBooks via your local library.

2.4. Good Reads

2.4.1. Keep a to read list, set reading goals, rate and review books

3. Use for Productivity

3.1. Adobe Reader

3.1.1. Read and edit PDF documents. You can also share your edits back with others via email or cloud storage.

3.2. Schoology

3.2.1. Teachers and students can use this LMS to access documents, read files, watch videos, and create or turn in assignments to be graded. This LMS also come with a grade book feature where assignments and tests can be automatically graded and stored in your grade book.

3.3. QR Code Reader

3.3.1. Fastest and most user-friendly QR code scanner available for Apple products.

3.4. Zip Grade

3.4.1. Scan, grade, and analyze multiple choice answer sheets with your phone.

3.5. Google Apps for Education

3.5.1. Create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more in the cloud.

3.6. Scanner Pro

3.6.1. Scan papers and upload them to Google Drive, iCloud, etc.

4. Use for Studying

4.1. Quizlet

4.1.1. Create your own or take an already published quiz over any topic to review for upcoming test. You can even create your own electronic flashcards for all studying purposes.

4.2. Grammar Up

4.2.1. This app allows you to take quizzes for 20 different grammar categories. This app is designed to replicate questions found on popular English proficiency test.

4.3. Grammar Girl

4.3.1. Grammar Girl Podcasts about grammar issues and uses.

4.4. Flashcards

4.4.1. Create and study flash cards on your phone.

4.5. Socrative

4.5.1. Answer quiz questions and polls to review with classmates.

5. Use for Research

5.1. USHMM

5.1.1. Use this app to read about exhibits, testimonials, and other information regarding the Holocaust.

5.2. Google Earth

5.2.1. Search and find any location around the world in 2D and 3D images.

5.3. iSource MLA

5.3.1. Choose your resource and type in information to create citations.

6. Use for Creating

6.1. Comic Touch Lite

6.1.1. Create comic strips from your own characters and dialogue

6.2. Voice Thread

6.2.1. Create voice recordings and videos

6.3. Story Maker

6.3.1. Create videos from pictures or create your own characters.