Study Creation

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Study Creation by Mind Map: Study Creation

1. GMI (External)

1.1. Why is external?

1.1.1. Their projects are out of the company

1.2. studies comes from Net-MR

1.2.1. Define actions as necessary

1.3. When user create a study is created in Net-MR as well

1.4. Projects

1.4.1. a project is a PROPOSAL has

1.4.2. Has studies and surveys

1.5. How the projects are created within the DATA BASE

1.5.1. Tables projects with the "proposal_id" you can find proposals proposal proposal_revisions proposal_revision_id studies

2. LSR (internal)

2.1. Why is call internal?

2.1.1. because its proyects are applied within the company

2.2. Where are the studies?

2.2.1. in Orion studies within Orion are called as "Waves"

2.3. When a study is created in Orion happens 2 things

2.3.1. maconomy_id

2.3.2. panel_id

3. Maconomy

3.1. is for

3.1.1. make payments

3.2. all the projects has a MACONOMY

4. Considerations :

4.1. you can have a Study that is not related to projects