John F. Kennedy Module

This is a pilot project proposal for a fully online introductory level credit bearing American History Module.

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John F. Kennedy Module by Mind Map: John F. Kennedy Module

1. Online Learning Environment

1.1. Pros

1.2. Work on their own schedule and pace

1.2.1. Assignments can be worked on anywhere with internet

1.3. Cons

1.3.1. Must have access to the internet Technical issues with software

2. Assessment

2.1. 2 Discussions

2.1.1. 3 Readings 2 videos A reflection journal Debate

3. Evaluation Data

3.1. Discussions

3.1.1. Resources Course Website American History Facebook

3.2. Student survey

4. Badges

4.1. Participation

4.2. Shared resources

4.3. Debate outcome

4.4. Reflective paper