Children in an Urban World

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Children in an Urban World by Mind Map: Children in an Urban World

1. An Urban World

1.1. The Diagram shows that most countries have at least 50 -80% urbanization

2. Urban Challenges

2.1. Sometimes children migrate with their parents other times the migrate alone

2.2. Children have different motives to migrate some being secure better livelihoods or educational opportunities, or simply to escape poverty

2.3. 50–80 per cent of the poor people's money is spent only on food

2.4. 13 is the average age a kid joins a gang

3. Children in an Increasingly Urban World

3.1. The world's urban population Increases about 60 Million each year

3.2. Most urban growth is taking place in Asia and Africa

3.3. Children in urban life have many advantages like access to educational, recreational, and Medical Facilities

3.4. Many Kids in the urban cities do not have access to clean water, electricity, and health care

3.5. Many kids are forced to dangerous and exploitative work rather than attending school

4. Children's Rights in Urban Settings

4.1. Children living in urban cities have Political, Economical, Social, and Cultural rights that are recognized by the Convention on the Rights of the Children and other international instruments

4.2. 1/3 of the kids population in urban areas go unregistered at birth

4.3. In 2010 nearly 8 million kids died before they reached 5 years old, due to health issues like pneumonia, diarrhea or birth complications

4.4. In 2008 more than 350,000 women died in pregnancy and childbirth

4.5. Around 1.2 million kids under 5 years of age, die each year due to unsanitated water, which

4.6. The poor people living in urban places can often pay up to 50 times more for a litre of water than their richer neighbors.

5. Uniting for Children in an Urban World

5.1. About half of all the children live in an urban settings.

5.2. Identify and remove barriers to inclusion

5.3. Must include kids in the urban city give them a role

5.4. create a more fairer community, with secured children rights