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Idioms With Animals by Mind Map: Idioms With Animals

1. A wild goose chase is a waste of time- time spent trying to do something unsuccessfully.

1.1. I think that speak with Vivian could be a wild goose chase.

2. Bull

2.1. 'Grab the bulls by its horns'

2.1.1. If you grab (take) the bull by its horns, you deal head-on and directly with a problem

3. Dog

3.1. 'Dog days'

3.1.1. Dog days are very hot summer days Yesterday it was a dog days

3.2. 'Work like a dog'

3.2.1. If you work like a dog, you work very hard. I work like a dog in this mind map

4. goose

4.1. 'Cook someone's goose'

4.1.1. If you cook someone's goose, you ruin their plans. She cooks Angee's goose.

4.2. 'Wild goose chase'

5. Rat

5.1. 'Smell a rat'

5.1.1. If you smell a rat, you know instinctively that something is wrong or that someone is lying to you.

6. Snail

6.1. 'At a snail's pace'

6.1.1. If something moves at a snail's pace, it moves very slowly. The traffic is going at snail's pace.

7. Butterflies

7.1. 'Butterflies in your stomach'

7.1.1. The nervous feeling before something important or stressful is known as butterflies in your stomach. She feels butterflies in her stomach when he talks with her.

8. Crocodrile

8.1. Crocodile tears

8.1.1. If someone cries crocodile tears, they pretend to be upset or affected by something. She is crying crocodile tears.

9. Bee

9.1. 'Bee in your bonnet'

9.1.1. If someone is very excited about something, they have a bee in their bonnet When I said to my brother that we were going to Salitre Magico he was a bee in his bonnet

10. Cat

10.1. 'Catch hell'

10.1.1. If you catch hell, you get into trouble or get scolded. ('Catch heck' is also used.)

10.2. 'Cat nap'

10.2.1. If you have a short sleep during the day, you are cat napping. She is having a cat nap.

11. Donkey

11.1. 'Donkey work'

11.1.1. Donkey work is any hard, boring work or task Dayana's work is a donkey work

11.2. 'Donkey's years'

11.2.1. This idiom means 'a very long time'. This presentation takes donkey´s years

12. Horse

12.1. 'Hold your horses'

12.1.1. If someone tells you to hold your horses, you are doing something too fast and they would like you to slow down. Please, hold your horses, I know that you can do it better.

13. Lark

13.1. 'Up with the lark'

13.1.1. If you get up very early, you're up with the lark. Every morning he is up with the lark

14. Beast

14.1. 'Break the back of the beast'

14.1.1. If you break the back of the beast, you accomplish a challenge. Jhonny is breaking the back of the beast of himself again.

15. Cats and Dogs

15.1. 'Raining cats and dogs'

15.1.1. When it is raining cats and dogs, it is raining very heavily Tomorrow, it could be ranning cats and dogs