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1. Lark

1.1. If you get up very early, you're up with the lark. UP WITH THE LARK.

2. Whale

2.1. we had a whale of a time at the party last night. HAVE A WHALE OF TIME.

3. Cat

3.1. As soon as he saw the policeman, he ran off like a scalded cat. LIKE A SCALDED CAT.

4. Cats and Dogs

4.1. They fight like cat and dog, but they are still together after 30 years. LIKE CAT AND DOG.

5. Snail

5.1. More and more people are using e-mail rather than traditional delivery services, snail-mail. SNAIL-MAIL

6. Crocodile

6.1. Caroline pretended to be sad but we all knew her tears were crocodile tears. CROCODILE TEARS

7. Beast

7.1. If someone break the back of the beast, they succeed in overcoming a major difficulty. BREAK THE BACK OF THE BEAST.

8. Bee

8.1. A person who has a bee in their bonnet, has an idea which constantly occupies their thoughs. A BEE IN THEIR BONNET.

9. Butterflies

9.1. Jully is constantly out and about; she is real a social butterfly. A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY

10. Bull

10.1. Don't mention Tom's promotion to Mike, it would be like a red flag to a bull LIKE A RED FLAG TO A BULL.

11. Donkey

11.1. I do the donkey work, my boss gets the credit. DONKEY WORK.

12. Goose

12.1. I was so scared that I had goose pimples all through the film. HAVE GOOSE PIMPLES.

13. Horse

13.1. Let's get something to eat. I'm starving. I could eat a horse! I COULD EAT A HORSE.

14. Rat

14.1. I smell a rat, because Jessica is saying some wrong things about some intelligent people. SMELL A RAT.