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SWOT Analysis by Mind Map: SWOT Analysis

1. Strengths

1.1. Excellent communication among partners

1.2. Very good collaboration - supporting one another

1.3. International groups - helping one another

1.4. Improving English

1.5. Deepened knowledge about water

1.6. Cross-curricular learning

1.7. Using a wide variety of ICT tools

1.8. Innovative ideas

1.9. Constructing LEGO robots

1.10. Designing authentic objects (pump, hovercraft, water turbine, etc.)

1.11. Research on quaity of water

1.12. Getting to know systems of water purification

1.13. Realising the great significance of water

1.14. Enthusiasm of students and teachers

2. Threats

2.1. Time pressure

2.2. Deadlines

2.3. Too much water pollution

3. Weaknesses

3.1. Impossibility to publish some materials due to restrictive law concerning personal data protection

4. Opportunities

4.1. Developing creative thinking

4.2. Gaining skills in engineering

4.3. Creative teaching and learning

4.4. Our schools ecological

4.5. Contribution to saving water

4.6. Safisfation from the project

4.7. Benefits of taking part in the project, eg. acquiring knowledge in an accessible way