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My Perfect Day by Mind Map: My Perfect Day
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My Perfect Day

1. an awesome breakfast

Hashbrowns, bacon, overeasy eggs, toast

2. Shower

Brush teeth

do hair

3. Go to the mall

By anything that i want



4. Hang out with friends


do more shopping







Go tubing

5. Go to Valley fair

Go on every ride

Go with all my friends

6. Go to Florida

Go to all the beaches

Go to Disney World

7. Go to Oregon

Bring Katelyn

Visit Katelyn's Cousins

Visit my friends

Go to the ocean

8. Go to Park Rapids

Grandma and Granpa's


Eat at Rocky's Pizza

Eat at Minnesota Fountain

Go to Itasca

Go to michigan

visit cousins

Go the Lake Michigan

9. Go skydiving

out of an airplane

with my mom and sister

10. Buy a G6 mustang


amazingly awesome


11. Eat lunch

Y-Steak house

12. win the lotery

13. meet a movie star

Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Aniston

14. Ride on a airplane

Go to New York

15. Go to a Seven Flags Park

New node

16. Meet the President

at whitehouse

17. Be in Guineus world records book

18. Sit on a beach in Hawaii

19. Go snorkling

Great Barrier Reef

20. Ride in a nascar

# 88

21. White water rafting

in Colorado

22. Go to Disney land

23. Go to a Twins Game

Meet Mauer

24. Go to an Opera

25. Go hiking

in the mountains

26. Go to all the movies at the theatre

27. Buy a Mansion

28. Have a bonfire

all my friends

roast marshmellows

29. Eat an amazing supper


mashed potatoes

green beans

30. Go to sleep

bed as soft as a cloud