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Laboratory Informatics Institute by Mind Map: Laboratory Informatics 
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Laboratory Informatics Institute

Research Fellowships


Fellowship Sponsors, Individuals, Informatics Vendors, Informatics Consultants, Corporate, Government, Institutional

Research Fellows, Project Managers, Course Developers, Trainers, Software Developers, Content Developers, Subject Matter Experts

Fellowship Project Structure

Fellowship Sponsor

Lead Research Fellow

Content Research & Development, Wiki Article Development, Wiki Book Development, LiMSpec Development, Course Development, Journal Paper Development

Software Development, Project Management, Functional Requirements, Design, Coding, Testing, Validation, Documentation, Courses, Support

Fellowship Programs

Open Informatics Standards (, Regulatory Specs & Standards, Spec Structure, Spec Projects, Harmonized Standards & Regulatory Requirements as applied to Informatics, Regulations, Meaningful Use, HIPAA / HITECH, 21 CFR part 11, CLIA, Section 508, Standards, ASTM E1578 - 13, ISO 17025, NELAC, ASCLD, APHL/PHII, NIST, COBIT, CLSI, CAP, HL7, Technology Specs, Spec Structure, Spec Projects, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Information Integration, Process Automation, Data Analytics, Open Source, Industry Specs, Spec Structure, How to use the LiMSpec, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Laboratory Overview, Laboratory Functions & Operations, Industry Trends & Challenges, Additional Resources, Regulatory Requirements & Standards, Information Technology Requirements, System, Architecture and Technology, Compatibility and Interfacing, SaaS and Cloud Hosting, Security, Data Protection, Configurability Customization Scalability, Features and Functions, General Functionality, Administrative, Accessioning, Assays, QA/QC, Reporting, Other Lab Functions, Implementation, Maintenance and Support, Cost Analysis, Spec Projects, Next Gen Sequencing, Physician Office LIS, Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Pathology, Clinical Toxicology, Application Specs, Spec Structure, Same as Industry spec structure except with answers specific to the app., Spec Projects, OLiMS,, Bika LIMS, ELAB-FTW, Galaxy LIMS, sciNote, OpenSpecimen, Odoo, Mirth, Pentaho, Saiku, Alfresco, OpenEMR

Open Informatics Apps (, Open Source Apps (SaaS), Open Source Science, LIMS, ELN, SDMS, ILE, LES, Open Source Healthcare, EHR, LIS, IHE, Open Source Business, ERP, Odoo, CRM, Odoo, SuiteCRM, KMS, Mediawiki, Odoo, CMS, Wordpress, Odoo, BI, Pentaho, Saiku, EAI, Mirth, LMS, Moodle, ECM, Alfresco, PM, Redmine, Odoo, Open Source Development Platform (PaaS) -, Security Monitoring and Testing, Development, Configuration Management, Learning Management, Help Desk, Requirements Management, Project Management, QA & QC, Auditing & Validation, Maintenance Management, Open Source Cloud Platform (IaaS) -, SSO / User / Role Mgt, Two Factor Authentication, Dashboards, App Dashboard, User Dashboard, Developer Dashboard, Admin Dashboard, Encryption at rest, Encryption in transit, Hardened Secure Stack, Stack Components

Open Informatics Courseware (, HIPAA, CLIA, 21 CFR part 11

Open Member Community


Member Development

Member Metrics, Raw Members, Raw Members with Email, Verified Members, Content Contributors, Site Sponsors, Fellowship Sponsors, Newsletter Stats, Gravity Form Requests (sent / received), Course Certificates, Hosted App Installs, Purchases

Member Base, Member Attributes, Geography, Skills / Professional Interests, Job Titles, Name Fields, Profile Pic, Contact Fields, Resumes, Social Network Fields, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Wordpress, Member Activity, Browsing History, Message History (similar to LI), Mailchimp Click History, Postings & Comments, Favorites, Apps & Servers, Courses, Gravity Form Requests (sent / received), Job Applications

Member Outreach, Google Search/Add, Sync Members from LI groups, Newsletter, Sync members

Content Development

Content Metrics, Content Contributions, Site/Page/Post Traffic Stats, Quantity, Likes, Favorites, Views

Open Access Content, LiMSwiki (LI Body of Knowledge), Maintenance (Perpetual), 1. Once a week (Mondays) we update the Article of the Week., 2. Once every week or two we try to check account creation requests., 3. Once a month we update the top 30 most popular pages list on the front page., 4. Once a month we fact check Laboratory, Scientific, and Health Informatics Buyer's Guide vendor information., 5. Four times a year compile added journal articles into a quarterly digest in book format on the wiki. This scheduled activity typically takes place in January, April, July, and October., 6. Three times a year we review all our open-source project articles and update the latest version number for the software. This scheduled activity typically takes place in January, May, and September., 7 Three times a year we review and update our directory of conferences and trade shows. This scheduled activity typically takes place in January, May, and September., 8. Twice a year we research and add new commercial and open-source software vendors/items discovered via the Internet. This scheduled activity typically takes place in April and October., 9. Once a year we review all the URLs found in our software vendor pages and update them as needed due to vendor website changes. This scheduled activity typically takes place in October., 10. Research and write articles for the wiki, Projects (On-hold), Research and write molecular diagnostics white paper handed off from Rebecca, Research functionality of all webLiMS cloud applications and write content for website, Create data requirements sheets for the rest of the webLiMS cloud applications, Research and update CDMS and SDMS vendors in wiki, Research and add EMR/EHR vendors in wiki, Projects (Planned), Research different types of clinical instruments, write articles for them, and write vendor pages for major instrument manufacturers., January 2015: Create training documentation on the specifics of good use and stewardship of LIMSwiki in the Wikipedia style, January 2015: Update existing and add new product feature pages, January 2015: Update all vendor records to have separate product pages, and move from feature tables to SPID entries, Projects (Finite), Finish updating all LIMSwiki informatics articles, December 2014: Review completed LIS data requirements sheet to ensure all old requirements are represented in the new SPID templates, Create vendor-neutral SDMS data requirements sheet for all SDMS, Planned Books, April 2015: The Comprehensive Guide to Physician Office Laboratory Setup and Operation, November 2015: The Free and Open Source Software Guide, November 2015: The HIPAA Survival Guide, LiMSpec, News, Events, Journals, Jobs, Bids & Grants, Funding Opportunities, Marketplace, Blogs, Books, Courses

Feature Development, Job Posting CRUD, Simply Hired Mashup, Simply Hired Style Search & Display, Member functions, Resume CRUD, Job Applications, Search RSS Subscription

Discussion Imports, Linkedin, Chrome Extension, Wordpress Plugin, Reddit, Biostars, Stackoverflow, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups

Cloud Apps & Servers, OLiMS,

Search, Uber Search Plugin, Tabbed Categories

Content Auto-Tagging, November 2015: Topics, Grouping by Topics

Member Services Development

Professional Development, Support, Education & Training, Placement, Internships, Fellowships, Contract, Direct

Sponsorships, Site Sponsors, Fellowship Sponsors


To promote and advocate the use of Informatics Applications in all laboratories through an Open Member Community allowing for the exchange of Informatics products, services, knowledge, information & careers in support of those applications.

To educate and empower all laboratory industry stakeholders through Research Fellowships that research, develop & deliver Open Informatics: Standards, Applications & Courses and thus increase the total value of Laboratory, Scientific & Healthcare Informatics for all of our members.