Emerging Media

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Emerging Media by Mind Map: Emerging Media

1. Social Media

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. Fastest growing social networking site

1.1.2. Would facebook still be as popular if they started a membership fee?

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Several people/companies to follow Industry leaders Celebrities Friends/family Businesses

1.2.2. Helps promoto people or things

1.3. Blogs

1.3.1. Have a number of functions such as personal uses, education, industry information, and entertainment.

1.4. Myspace

1.4.1. Does myspace still have any relevance today?

1.5. Chatroulet

1.5.1. One on one conversations with random people. Chatting with cameras enabled.

1.5.2. Is this a safe thing for the average person (kids included)?

2. Mobil

2.1. Blackberries

2.1.1. Communication made free with Blackberry Mobil (BBM)

2.2. Iphone

2.2.1. Have become a very popular item for their music playing ability, web browser, and numerous apps

2.3. Android

2.3.1. Still developing

3. Electronic

3.1. MP3 Players

3.1.1. iPods, sony, microsoft

3.2. iPad

3.2.1. Existing products like Kindle and other companies are creating similar products in means on competiting with apple

3.3. Laptops

3.3.1. Mac vs. PC Will this battle alwasy be going on? For me, I love PC's but am in love with my iPod.

4. Video

4.1. YouTube

4.1.1. A means of people to broadcast original videos.

4.1.2. How will this continue building fame for those who would otherwise not been discovered? Example being Justin Bieber.

4.2. Skype

4.2.1. Face to face online video chat

4.2.2. Allows people to stay in touch with family/friends from a far.