Things That Contribute To Obesity

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Things That Contribute To Obesity by Mind Map: Things That Contribute To Obesity

1. High Carbohydrate Diet

1.1. Cereals, starches, bread and the sugars found in them

1.2. Sugary pops and alcoholic beverages

2. It is defined as excess adipose tissue.

2.1. Foods that contain high saturated fats

2.1.1. Deep fried foods likes fries and Onion rings

2.1.2. Eating out at fast-food places

3. Lack of exercise

3.1. Not exercising enough daily and through the week

3.1.1. Watching too much T.V.

3.1.2. Sleeping too much

3.2. Your day should consist of at least 60 minutes of exercise

4. Genetic Makeup

4.1. Obesity can be in your family's genes

4.2. Genes can play even more of a role if you don't eat healthy or exercise in the first place

5. Overload of calories

5.1. Eating too many calorie packed food

5.1.1. Eating too many times in a day

5.1.2. Eating unhealthy junk foods

6. Eating the Western Diet

6.1. Consists of high intakes of red meat, sugary desserts, high-fat foods, and refined grains.

6.1.1. These choices make your cholesterol level higher

6.1.2. The western diet also gives you too much for your salt and sugar intake