Emma Albrecht Doctoral Degree

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Emma Albrecht Doctoral Degree by Mind Map: Emma Albrecht Doctoral Degree

1. Study Abroad

1.1. London

1.2. Ireland

1.2.1. Sophomore or Junior Year

1.3. Psychology of Foreign Countries

1.4. Liberal Studies

1.4.1. P1

1.4.2. P4

1.4.3. P6

2. Undergraduate Research

2.1. Psychology of Feminism

2.1.1. Form Hypothesis/ Research Design Freshman Year

2.2. Psychology of Media on Children

2.3. Psychology of Criminals

2.3.1. Sophomore/ Junior Year

3. Internship

3.1. In a Police Station (that's the dream)

3.1.1. Form Friendly Relationship with Police

3.1.2. My Neighbor is a Sheriff

3.2. Shadowing a Forensic Psychology

3.2.1. That would probably be in bigger cities

3.3. Psychology Clinic

3.3.1. The WCU Psychology Department can assist

3.4. Shadow a Therapist

4. High GPA

4.1. Study

4.1.1. Use Harvard Study Tips Vague is BAD! Vague is a waste of your time!

4.2. Read the Textbook

4.2.1. Use internet textbook study tips

4.2.2. Read everyday

4.3. Become Best Friends with my Planner

4.3.1. Use my planner on a regular basis

5. Volunteer Work

5.1. Military Student Services

5.1.1. Brianna Ford

5.1.2. VRQ Dinner November 20, 2015

5.2. Girl Scouts

5.2.1. Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines

5.2.2. Summer Camp

5.2.3. Assisting Leaders Trainings Children Surveillance

6. Graduate School

6.1. Probably WCU for Masters

6.1.1. Masters in Criminology/Criminal Justice

6.2. Doctoral Degree

6.2.1. Ciminal Justice

6.2.2. Forensic Psychology