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Scurvy by Mind Map: Scurvy

1. Pirates could not bring perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables, and so they were often afflicted with scurvy.

1.1. Luckily, we usually have very accessible sources of vitamin C, such as orange juice or many fruits and vegetables.

2. Foods to eat to avoid include:

2.1. Oranges

2.2. Lemons

2.3. Blackcurrants

2.4. Guava

2.5. Kiwifruit

2.6. Papaya

2.7. Tomatoes

2.8. Strawberries

2.9. Carrots

2.10. Bell peppers

2.11. Broccoli

2.12. Potatoes

2.13. Cabbage

2.14. Spinach

2.15. Paprika

2.16. Liver

2.17. Oysters.

3. Scurvy is especially common in children and elderly people.

4. Scurvy usually occurs after three months without Vitamin C. Vitamin C should be a part of a healthy daily diet.

4.1. Some reasons for scurvy development include famine, irresponsible food intake, medical or dietary restrictions, and other restrctions such as a difficulty consuming food orally.

5. Vitamin C helps protect your cells and absorbs iron.