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Cancer by Mind Map: Cancer

1. normally treated by an oncologist - someone who is a specialist in this area.

2. Breast Cancer

3. Also known as ductal carcinoma

4. Identified by a lump or tumor in the breast or duct under the arm

5. No food or diet can really (truly) prevent breast cancer, however

6. eating lots of fruits and vegetables, low fat diet, high fibre

7. Avoid alcohol, exercise, eat healthy fats

8. less red meat plus vitamin and calcium supplement.

9. helps to delay any form of cancer

10. Treatment

11. surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy

12. After treatment, then oral medication

13. There are ongoing studies on breast cancer prevention and treatment

14. Cancer - name given to a collection of related disease

15. Named after the area they develop in

16. Studies