Inbound Phones

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Inbound Phones by Mind Map: Inbound Phones

1. Build Rapport

1.1. What's Working Statement

1.2. What's Improved Statement

2. Create Agreeable Mindset

2.1. What have you liked best?

2.2. What have you seen as a positive change?

2.3. What have you seen as impactful in the office?

3. State Objective

3.1. With your X service, our objective here at Breakaway is to help you [state your objectives of current service]. But we also want to make sure you reap the rewards of your marketing efforts by capturing all of the patients that contact your office and get them scheduled. In addition, we find that too often staff feels torn between the patient standing in front of them and the one on the other end of the phone. A ringing phone is great but it forces your staff to choose what's in front of them, the current patient, instead of looking at what's ahead of them, the future patient on the phone. Both patients are important and we don't want your staff to have to choose.

4. Prime Statement

4.1. At Breakaway you learned the average missed call rate for office is 32%. We know that at that rate practices are wasting money on marketing and have slower growth rates than offices with phone support systems.

5. Probing Question

5.1. What is your missed call rate?

5.1.1. Awareness Statement Answer: Doesn't know Response: Typically we find that docs in your situation, where they are unaware of their missed call rate, are spending a lot more money on marketing than they need, the doc expends more energy and effort than necessary to meet production goals and the start are stressed because they shoulder the burden of an empty schedule. Answer: Higher than 32% Response: It's great you are aware of your missed call rate. That's the first step. Typically we find that with docs in your situation, where they know their missed call rate and it's above the national average, they just don't seem to know how to change it or what their next step is. In addition, we've discovered they are really struggling with getting their practice ot the next level because they aren't talking to and scheduling the majority of their patient base. Answer: Lower than 32% Response: That's really great. Congrats. Typically we find the docs in your situation, where their missed call rate if lower than the national average, they are still unaware of the potential for reducing that missed call rate even further because they are satisfied with their current numbers. How do you feel about that?

5.1.2. Evidence Statement Answer: Doesn't know Response: We had a doc we worked with who didn't know his average missed call rate. We helped him figure it out by [insert data] and then started with our Inbound Phone services. After just a few weeks his missed call rate when from [insert stats]. That brought in many more patients that added up to [insert amount] more dollars. Answer: Higher than 32% Response: We had a doc that we started working with... Answer: Lower than 32% Live example

5.1.3. Ask for Permission I'd love for you to be one of those succes stories [Dr. Name]. Would it be ok if I shared with you more about our Inbound Phone services? Answer: Yes Answer: No Answer- Not happy with Breakaway Empathy Statement: " Dr. xxx, our customers are important to us and we don't like to see them upset or inconvenienced. We always strive to create a positive customer experience. It is ok if we take a few moments to discuss your concerns?"

6. [READ FIRST] Metrics to consider for Inbound Phone Candidates

6.1. Office Metrics

6.1.1. Number of Voice Mails

6.1.2. Times voice mails are left

6.2. Dental Intel-Partial Tracking

6.2.1. Ratio of NP's to front desk staff is high

6.2.2. Ratio of platient visits to front desk staff is high

6.2.3. Low NP count

6.2.4. Patient growth trending down

6.3. Dental Intel-Full Tracking

6.3.1. Low conversion tracking

6.3.2. Ratio of marketing dollars and new patient count

6.3.3. Ratio of front desk payroll to connections

6.4. Listen For:

6.4.1. Patients say phones aren't answered

6.4.2. Receiving bad reviews due to lack of phone support

6.4.3. Patients complain about front desk

6.4.4. Front desk staff in chaos due to: busy, disorganized, understaffed, etc.

6.4.5. Front desk staff is new; new, untrained, never worked this role before, etc.

6.4.6. Dr. doesn't trust front desk to answer phones

6.4.7. Need bilingual front desk staff