AEA 2017 Learning

Ideas about AEA 2017 content

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AEA 2017 Learning by Mind Map: AEA 2017 Learning

1. Learning about Infrastructure Policy

2. Learning WHAT works and WHY


2.2. KEY words

2.3. Examples of TOPICS

2.3.1. GROUPING A Learning about EFFECTS (WHAT works) Learning about MECHANISMS (WHY and HOW things work) Learning about PROCESS (HOW to implement)

2.3.2. GROUPING B Learning about Education Policy Learning about Development Policy Learning about Innovation etc.

3. Learning HOW to conduct evaluations


3.2. KEY words

3.3. Examples of TOPICS

3.3.1. Developments in Quantitative methods

3.3.2. Developments in Qualitative methods

3.3.3. Developments in Mixed-Methods

3.3.4. Developments in data collection (the promise of lean data)

3.3.5. Managing evaluation

4. Learning ABOUT users


4.2. KEY words

4.3. Examples for TOPICS

4.3.1. Collaborative Learning

4.3.2. Gaming, and other adult learning approaches

4.3.3. Evidence-Based Policies

4.3.4. Impact on policy process

4.3.5. Learning from failures and success

4.3.6. Lessons learned in evaluation report: what leassons and who has learned?

4.3.7. Developing capacities for evaluations on users side (organizations)


5.1. Ideas about forms of presentation

5.1.1. For main sessions Short TED-style talks Plenary session interviews with key speakers Debates of key experts (Oxford style)

5.1.2. For regular sessions More time for discussions and comments How some sessions designed as peer-reviewed sessions with more discussion between panelists Chairs as active commenters Gamification of feedback Attention to group papers coherently

5.1.3. Learning Labs Field visits Design thinking jams

5.1.4. Other forms Traditional pre-conference workshops Drinks & poster sessions

5.1.5. Virtual conference

5.2. Ideas about proposal selection & learning about sessions

5.2.1. Ways to engage/connect virtual & present attendees

5.2.2. Proposal submission & review Clear acceptance/rejection criteria Work with TIG Leaders to agree on criteria & procedures

5.2.3. Learning WHAT works/not @ the conference Mobile technology to get comments/rate sessions Chairs? to encourage participant feedback

6. other

6.1. Learning and accountability: are they really two faces of the same coin?

6.2. Learning critically - Evaluation myths busters

6.2.1. Accountability for learning - what does that mean in practice?

6.2.2. Paradigm divide: does it really bother practitioners?

7. Learning FROM others


7.2. KEY words

7.3. Evaluation theory

7.4. Evaluation practice

7.5. Examples of TOPICS

7.5.1. Learning from other emerging communities Behavioral Insight Regulatory Impact Analysts Social Labs Data Analysts

7.5.2. Learning from other GLOBAL evaluation communities Europe South America Australasia Africa Other networks

7.5.3. Innovation from other VOPEs

8. From learning to action


8.2. KEY words

8.3. Examples of TOPICS

8.3.1. Evaluation Use

8.3.2. Organizational Learning

8.3.3. Knowledge brokering