My Wonderings

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My Wonderings by Mind Map: My Wonderings

1. Communities

1.1. Cyber community beginning

1.1.1. Who made it?

1.1.2. How was it made?

1.1.3. Who were the first people to use it?

1.2. Beginning of communites

1.2.1. Who made it?

1.2.2. How it was made?

1.3. First community in the world

1.3.1. Name of community?

1.3.2. How it started?

1.3.3. Who started it?

2. Biodiversity

2.1. Evolution of biodiversity

2.1.1. What animals first evolved?

2.1.2. When did evolution begin?

2.1.3. If evolution didn't happen, what would our world be like?

2.2. Biodiversity beginning

2.2.1. When did it start?

2.2.2. How did it start?

2.2.3. Was the first animal a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore?

2.3. First biodiversity discovered

2.3.1. When Was it discovered?

2.3.2. How old is it?

2.3.3. How many species evolved from it?

3. Peace/United Nations

3.1. Peace keeping forces

3.1.1. Why they became peace keeping forces?

3.1.2. Why do they keep peace, why not make war instead?

3.1.3. How many forces are there in the world?

3.2. Peace keeping system

3.2.1. How the system works?

3.2.2. What makes the system sustainable?

3.2.3. What drives the systems?

3.3. Peace opposing groups

3.3.1. How did those groups start out?

3.3.2. Who is the group founder(s)?

3.3.3. What are those groups inspiration?