My Wonderings

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My Wonderings by Mind Map: My Wonderings

1. Biodiversity

1.1. Backtracking

1.1.1. If computers weren't invented

1.1.2. If computers weren't created would the rainforest be facing the problem of pollution?

1.2. Palm Oil

1.2.1. Why do people like palm oil so much?

1.3. Plastic

1.3.1. Why do people want to use plastic so much if they know that it is bad for the enviroment?

2. Community

2.1. Friends

2.1.1. Why is it hard for some people to make friends

3. Peace

3.1. Waangari Mathai

3.1.1. Why did she choose to plant the flame tree?

3.2. Terrorism

3.2.1. Why do terrorist want to terrorise innocent people?

4. UN

4.1. Rely

4.1.1. Why do people rely on the UN when they have a government?