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My Wonderings by Mind Map: My Wonderings

1. Biodiversity

1.1. Palm Oil

1.1.1. Do the people who make palm oil know that they are creating a lot of pollution to some ecosystems? If they know then why won't they stop? What are they trying to do to help? Is there a more eco friendly way to make palm oil? Will companies that do use palm oil that is not eco friendly, make their products more eco friendly? Will people stop using products that have palm oil that is not good for the eco system, and will the companies of those products change the products so it suits the environment?

1.2. Food Webs

1.2.1. What happens if all the animals get extinct and there is nothing on earth then what will happen to the earth?

1.3. Is there biodiversity in space?

1.4. If there is then what kind of biodiversity is there?

1.5. Are planets counted as biodiversity?

2. Community

3. UN

3.1. How many times did the UN fail?

3.2. How many countries have the UN helped?

3.3. What kind of conflict do they deal with?

4. Peace

4.1. How long does it take to make peace after 2 countries have had war?