My Wonderings

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My Wonderings by Mind Map: My Wonderings

1. Biodiversity

1.1. Palm oil

1.1.1. Why is the demand for palm oil so high?

1.1.2. Is there such thing as sustainable?

1.1.3. Will palm oil crop be replanted with rainforest trees in the distant future?

1.2. Human Inpact

1.2.1. Will humans improve or destroy the rainforest ?

1.2.2. What do humans do to harm the rainforest?

1.2.3. Will more people help replanting rainforests?

1.3. Deforestation

1.3.1. Do Humans illegally log the rainforest? If so why?

2. The UN

2.1. Failures

2.1.1. Why didn't the UN react to some of the was happening?

2.1.2. What are the reasons of there failures?

2.1.3. Is there an impact on the world due to there failures?

2.1.4. Are they the cause of ICIS

2.2. good things

2.2.1. What good things has the UN done to our world?

2.2.2. What impact have they done to this word?

2.3. Wonderings

2.3.1. Where do they get all there supiles from?

2.3.2. If there UN doesn't have an army how do they get all of there soldiers from?