What is Britishness? Essay plan

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What is Britishness? Essay plan by Mind Map: What is Britishness? Essay plan

1. Dictionary definition: 'The state or quality of being British' or 'The term 'Britishness' refers to the sense of nationhood held by many citizens of the United Kingdom'

2. Language: English is seen as a primary language but with different accents due to different regional parts of Britain and different social classes

3. British people are generally viewed in 3 types. People with a UK passport, white English people or people living in Britain who are of diverse ethnic origins

4. Most people seem to think of 'England' as soon as the word Britain is said, but Britain is made up of England Scotland and Wales.

5. British values and attitudes: These vary from upholding human rights, to respecting the law, fairness and others

6. Derek Draper: 'I increasingly think that we should abandon the idea of Britishness and acknowledge that we're really talking about what it means to be English.'

7. Habit/Culture stereotypes: Queuing, watching and supporting football, cricket and rugby. Food Consumption such as fish and chips, curries, English breakfast, Yorkshire pudding, beer, Sunday lunch.

8. National Symbols: Britain tends to be symbolised by the Union Jack and/or the Royal Family