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Differentiation by Mind Map: Differentiation

1. Learning Profiles

1.1. Dynamic Learning–Doing and feeling. Seeking hidden possibilities, exploring, learning by trial and error, self-discovery.

1.1.1. Learning Centres

1.2. Imaginative Learning–Feeling and watching, seeking personal associations, meaning, involvement.

1.2.1. RAFTS (Role Audience Format Topic)

2. Interests

2.1. Girls' interests usually differ from that of boys

2.1.1. Learning Menus

2.1.2. Tic Tac Toe Menus

2.1.3. Think dots

3. Readiness

3.1. Students having problems with fractions

3.1.1. Think dots using Khan Academy

3.1.2. Exit Tickets

3.2. Students who have already mastered this concept in their previous school

3.2.1. Jigsaw

4. Objective

4.1. The Students solve problems involving scale drawings using properties of similar polygons.

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