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Emerging Media by Mind Map: Emerging Media
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Emerging Media

Social Media


Connect with old friends, Meet new friends, Good for marketing, Privacy concerns, Personal information


Entertainment, Can be good for marketing, Has to be kept up on daily


Social media?, Can be good for students seeking job opportunities, Fun to read others thoughts, Hard to distinguish between editorializing and actual facts in some cases



Storytelling, "How to" stuff, How to shoot video


TV and movie clips, Hilarious/random clips

Anyone can become a storyteller

accurate stories?, information becomes viral


A learning tool

Can be used for military recruitment, Can learn about history and geography


Can be addicting, Health concerns, Obesity, Hearing and sight problems, Social problems


Could lead to violent behavior

Meeting people vitually

People know each other and have never physically met

Second Life

Virtual world

Avatar, Tiny waists, big muscles