Thinking Outside the Lines

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Thinking Outside the Lines by Mind Map: Thinking Outside the Lines

1. Make time committment

2. Use multiple resources

2.1. Article Databases

2.2. The Web

2.3. [School] Libraries

2.4. Books

3. Research Papers

3.1. Gather evidence

3.2. Take a stand

3.3. Back up points made

3.4. Provide examples

4. Create an outline

4.1. Bullet points

4.2. List main topics

5. Read as much as possible to enhance knowlege

6. READING: Klein

6.1. "The Art of Skim"

6.2. Read abstract

6.3. Read introduction

6.4. Read conclusion

7. Pay attention to keywords

7.1. Skim in sections

8. WRITING: Canvas


9.1. Plagiarism is real

9.2. Copying someone else's work without giving credit

9.3. Expulsion as a consequence

10. Advanced research is beneficial

11. Citing is very important

11.1. Do not cut and paste anything

11.2. Anything quoted needs citation

11.3. Always include reference page