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Vectors by Mind Map: Vectors

1. Scalar Product

1.1. What is the Scalar Product?

1.1.1. Magnitude of a vector: To find the magnitude of a vector we use Pythagoras:

1.1.2. Angle between two vectors

1.2. The Properties of the Scalar Product

2. Equations of Planes

2.1. Vector Equation of a Plane

2.2. Scalar Product Equation of a Plane

2.3. Cartesian Equation of a Plane

3. Vector Product

3.1. Definition of the Vector/ Cross product

3.2. Quick Method

3.3. Properties of the Vector Product

3.4. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

3.4.1. Area of a Parallelogram using the cross product Area of triangles and parallelograms

4. Equations of Lines

4.1. Parametric Form of the Equation of a Line

4.2. Vector Form of the Equation of a Line

4.3. Cartesian Equation of a line

4.3.1. The general equation of a line Here is is link to gradients and slopes