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1. Tech Support Role (full time)

1.1. Responds to staff Google Form for reporting tech issues

1.1.1. CHALLENGE: People aren't reporting things that don't work. False sense of security. Routine updates needed

1.2. Purchasing plan supports goals (tablets, digitizing center, BYOD)

1.3. "Mouse Sqad": a club facilitated by tech support staff

1.4. Parent volunteers guided by tech support staff

1.5. Routine updates of all equipment

2. Digital Skill Tracking (Expanded by PD Partners)

2.1. K-2: est. basic skills through center time activities and group tech projects

2.1.1. Teacher planned collaborative productions

2.1.2. Photography basics through digital portfolio archiving and reflection workshops

2.1.3. Grade 2 digital process intro (end of year) Password mgmt in 2 Logging into GAFE Typing boot camp Accessing Google Classroom

2.1.4. Awareness of online communication Skype

2.1.5. Awareness of online authorship

2.1.6. Operations on iPad/computer K-1

2.2. 3-5: Push-in support build skills into units of study

2.2.1. GAFE account use

2.2.2. Doc formatting

2.2.3. Adding to student portfolios

2.2.4. Intro to production platforms connected to small-scale class projects (coordinated with ML teacher) Video/Photo shooting basics Video Editing Coding/game design Making 3D design/printing Graphic design

2.3. Student access to digital skill mentors (i.e. PD personel or teachers) by appointment/elective: applied use in Middle School

2.3.1. Students sign up for support based on needs of interdisciplinary self-directed projects

2.3.2. Supported by in house partners that bring in experts to expand student potential

2.4. BSI provides a formula for partners to follow (rubric for activating content)

3. Media literacy: Facilitated by all teachers, ML teacher(s)

3.1. K-8 Scope & Sequence: Developing skills & habits of mind for media analysis and mindful production

3.2. K-2 building blocks of media analysis integrated in classroom curriculum (coordinated with The Media Spot & skill dev partner)

3.2.1. Communication through web

3.2.2. Portfolio archiving (scaffolded)

3.2.3. Content analysis (reading modeled/co-planned by media lit teacher)

3.2.4. Metacognition about participation in scaffolded class, small group, or individual productions

3.3. 3-5 ML established through mindful media analysis/activities/production/reflection in ML cluster and integrated in ELA, SS, etc.

3.3.1. Digital citizenship supported by Acceptable Use Poliycy and

3.3.2. Research Fundamentals

3.3.3. Peer Editing/Collaboration in ELA

3.3.4. Online management of interdisciplinary ML/ELA/SS projects

3.3.5. Writing/Publishing (media texts); demonstrating mindful use of different media languages (text/image, video, web)

3.3.6. Intro to range of production types integrated in traditional curriculum (PSA, data use, info graphic, game design, web design) (coordinated with Digital Skill partners)

3.4. MS: demonstrated through -- independent content analysis, routine reflection on mediated scholarly and social life; management and application of skills/knowledge within interdisciplinary projects

4. Interdisciplinary projects: Planned by core teachers, identifying activities for Partners

4.1. Starts in 4/5 between ML/ELA/SS

4.2. Staple of Middle School

4.3. Applied tech skills & media literacy

4.4. Media Use Assessment

4.4.1. Rubric for execution

4.4.2. Rubric for effectiveness of strategy and media choices

4.4.3. Self assessment/reflection on choices and limitations

5. Digital portfolios & archived self reflection: Facilitated by point person on staff + PD partner

5.1. Requires digital skills for digitizing work

5.2. Requires equipment and reliable tech support

5.3. Requires and activates media literacy through Metacognition on media choices and use of media as enabling of reflection

6. Outlining how BSI will facilitate media literacy across K-8 through a combination of: 1) direct skill development, 2) establishment of media literacy conceptual understanding, 3) interdisciplinary integration of the above, building towards student-directed media use.