Collaborative document

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Collaborative document by Mind Map: Collaborative document

1. Collaborative Lesson

1.1. Activate, Acquire, Apply

1.1.1. Students will know that they can create tutorials, or search the web for tutorials to help them troubleshoot.

1.1.2. Students will follow a tutorial that will help them troubleshoot. Students will contribute to the mindmiester map.

1.1.3. Activate: Students will be asked if they have any issues editing the mindmeister map. Primary questions will be posted on board.

1.1.4. Acquire: Students acquire knowledge by going to the classroom blog and watching the video tutorial created by the teacher.

1.1.5. Apply: Students will apply their knowledge by following the video. This video will stay on the blog for future reference.

1.2. Resources

1.2.1. Access to school computer or own device, which will allow them access to necessary applications.

1.2.2. Google Docs, Screencastify, Twitter, Blogger, ICT Continuum, Internet Access.

1.3. Prerequisites

1.3.1. Prior knowledge of software. Mindmeister Log In, Use, Etc. Use of Twitter and or Mindmiester sharing tools to share editing link. Ability to find Teacher's Blog on the internet.

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. For this lesson we are making the assumption that students are somewhat familiar with applications such as Twitter,

1.5. Continuum Objectives

1.5.1. Affective Affective - S-1.1 identifies uses of ICT at home, at school, at work, and in the community, Co-2.1 collaborates with peers to accomplish self-directed learning with ICT in various settings, M-1.3 recalls prior knowledge of procedures for troubleshooting and attempts to solve ICT problems.

1.5.2. Cognitive P-1.2 follows given plans, G-2.1 refines information searches using a variety of media sources, G-3.1 incorporates new information with prior knowledge and adjusts inquiry strategies.

2. Video Tutorial:

3. Manitoba Curriculum Objectives - Science