Nature or Nurture?

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Nature or Nurture? by Mind Map: Nature or Nurture?

1. Nature can be described as how you are born and naturally made to be determined to do something. For example, if one sex is naturally born to be better at something than the other sex.

2. Secondary Socialisation is the socialisation you are inflicted upon later in your life. For example, once you are exposed to media or as you hit education.

3. The hearthwrenching case of the young girl Genie, showed how missing out on adequate primary socialisation from a member of family meant she would be of serious disadvantage later on in life.

4. Nurture can be described as the way you are brought up or socialised. For example, if you are socialised to behave in a specific way by your parents.

5. Primary Socialisation is the socialisation given to you from your birth and throughout your younger years, from your family. For example, the ability to walk and talk.