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Emerging Media by Mind Map: Emerging Media

1. Social Media

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. What and who is a Facebook friend? How can you separate different parts of your life on social networks?

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Do we really need to all have accounts on the different social media sites?

1.3. MySpace

1.4. YouTube

1.5. Craigslist

1.5.1. Safety! Credibility!

2. News

2.1. Online

2.1.1. Can reporters keep up with all the technology/social media demands of the new news?

2.2. Death of Traditional Journalism

2.2.1. What is the loss of traditional journalism doing to democracy? What about non-biased reporting?

3. Images

3.1. Photography

3.1.1. Files are getting larger and larger. How can I cope with storing these and just manipulating them on my computer? Do I need to keep up with the latest digital technology?

3.2. Video

3.2.1. HD

4. Date storage

4.1. Online/offsite

4.1.1. Will it really still be there no matter what?

4.2. Internal Hard drive

4.3. External Hard drive

4.3.1. How much space do I really need?

4.4. Media (SD, jumpdrive, DVD, etc.)

4.4.1. If I go with this type now, what will I have to upgrade/change to in 3 months, next year...?

5. VOD

5.1. Netflix

5.2. Hulu

5.2.1. Time killer! There are so many other things I could and should be doing!

5.3. TiVo

6. Mobiles

6.1. Phones

6.1.1. Status symbol? Life-invader? Do we really need to be connected all the time?

6.2. mp3 players

6.3. Mini-computers

6.4. Music

6.4.1. Pandora

6.4.2. iTunes

6.5. Social Implications

6.5.1. Cost Knowledge Gap Age Economic status Availability of technology

6.5.2. Ethics Privacy How can we protect ourselves online? What are our responsibilities to protect others' privacy? (Facebook photos, anyone?) Should we all be more open and transparent?

6.5.3. Communication skills Are we losing face-to-face communication skills when we can't even have a conversation without someone's phone buzzing with a text or a Facebook update coming in? It is more easy to connect than ever before.

6.5.4. Health What are earbuds doing to our hearing? Do cell phones cause cancer? Is talking on a cell or texting more dangerous than DUI? Social connections, even over the phone or online make people healthier, right?

7. Geo

7.1. Google Earth

7.1.1. Street view

7.1.2. Bird's Eye