Kaitlan and Megan's Interests

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Kaitlan and Megan's Interests by Mind Map: Kaitlan and Megan's Interests

1. Reading

1.1. Fiction

1.1.1. Romance Nicholas Sparks The Notebook Dear John The Best of Me Marian Keyes The Beginners Guide to Sushi Sophie Kinsella Remember Me? Can You Keep a Secret?

1.1.2. Dystopic Divergent The Hunger Games The Maze Runner Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Prisoner of Azkaban Goblet of Fire Order of the Phoenix Half Blood Prince Flight of the Phoenix

1.1.3. Gothic Frankenstein The Picture of Dorian Grey The Monk

1.1.4. Dan Brown

1.2. Non Fiction

1.2.1. Autobiographies

1.2.2. Memoir A Child Called It

2. Horseback Riding

2.1. Western Saddle

2.2. Tricking Ginny into thinking we are riding horses

2.2.1. in the dark

3. Caesars

3.1. Create your own

3.2. Pickled

3.3. Food We Like in Caesars

3.3.1. Pickles and extra pickles

3.3.2. Olives

3.3.3. Beans

3.3.4. Asparagus

3.3.5. Limes

3.4. Tomato Juice and Clamato Juice

3.5. Vodka

4. Tortoises

4.1. Horsfield Tortoise

4.2. Russian Tortoise

4.3. The Difference between Tortoises and Turtles

5. Food

5.1. Mozza Sticks

5.2. Pizza

5.3. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

5.4. Poutine

5.5. popcorn

5.6. BBQ everything

6. Camping

6.1. Being outside

6.2. Cooking on a fire

6.3. Fishing

6.4. Hiking

6.5. Roasting hotdogs

6.6. Smores

7. Netflix

7.1. Grey's Anatomy

7.2. New Girl

7.3. House

7.4. Criminal Minds

7.5. Bar Rescue

7.6. Friends

7.6.1. Ross Three divorces

7.6.2. Monica OCD about cleaning Accidentally chopped off Chandler's baby toe because he called her fat... then she was trying to be sexy

7.6.3. Rachel Left Barry at the alter

7.6.4. Chandler Sweater vests

7.6.5. Phoebe Gave birth to her brothers triplets smelly cat

7.6.6. Joey threw a girls wooden leg in the fire

7.7. How I met your mother

7.8. Law and Order SVU

7.9. Walking Dead

8. Friends

8.1. It's a Moo point, like a cow's opinion. It doesn't matter. It's Moo.

8.2. Hi I'm Chandler, could I be wearing any more clothes?!?

8.3. Morning's here... the mornings here!!

8.4. I got off the plane!!

8.5. Oh My God!

8.6. He's her lobster!

8.7. HEeeyyyy you got the door open!

8.8. I wasnt suppose to put beef in the triffle

8.9. It tastes like feet!

8.10. Ross got divorced, AGAIN!!

8.11. Chandler in a box, joey has his reason, they are 3 fold

8.12. E as in "Ello there mate!!"