Emerging Media

I can't lie, I did not enjoy this.

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Emerging Media by Mind Map: Emerging Media

1. 4square

1.1. whats the point, really?

2. Social Media

2.1. Facebook

2.2. Twitter

2.2.1. Better for those who dont have "time" or desire to stalk keep it short, sweet, simple.

2.2.2. For Business keep it short, sweet, simple less incentive for fluff, bs, for companies more accountability, people demand response NOW If you are going to have a twitter, put in effort to maintain it. customers don't want to waste their time

3. Home

3.1. Home computer

3.2. Tv as computer

3.2.1. touch screen? how to easily get up to touch? use IPAD or similar as remote?

3.3. Headed toward Bill Gates' house? everything personalized

3.3.1. Jetsons When will there be a Rosie?

4. Mobile Devices

4.1. internet

4.2. games

4.3. communication

4.4. business

4.4.1. email

4.4.2. text

4.4.3. photo