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nature vs nurture! by Joseph Hahamis. by Mind Map: nature vs nurture!                    by Joseph Hahamis.
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nature vs nurture! by Joseph Hahamis.


e.g: if someone threw something at you, your instinct would be to either move or to catch it; basically you would have a reaction to it.


something we would naturally do.

we don't need to be taught how to do these things.


the things we do are not natural.

not an instinctive thing to do.

e.g: if we saw a ball our instinct wouldn't be to kick it, we have learnt to do this over time.

primary socialisation.

primary socialisation starts at birth and is reduced once you get into the secondary stages.

primary socialisation refers to early childhood learning which we acquire the basic behavior patterns, language and skils.

secondary socialisation.





the work place.


genie missed out on her primary socialisation from being locked in a room for most of her childhood life.

from not having contact from anybody this lead her to not having any modes of communication.