Language Arts, 5th Grade

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Language Arts, 5th Grade by Mind Map: Language Arts, 5th Grade

1. 13. Reads for enjoyment and learning

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2. 8. Uses literacy as a tool to think critically (analyze, interpret, evaluate, appreciate) and communicates clearly using a variety of texts

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3. 11. Uses writing process to develop voice, creativity and clarity

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4. 12. Uses writing to report research findings

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5. 10. Uses dictionary, thesaurus, web sites, atlas and encyclopedias

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6. 9. Generates graphic prganizers to enhance comprehension and think critically about fiction and non-fiction

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7. 1. Applies reading strategies to decode and understand what is read

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8. 7. Communicates Effectively Through Oral Presentations and Reading

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9. 2. Develops word attack skills using multisyllable words

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10. 6. Expands vocabulary in reading and writing

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11. 4. Uses language skills - applies grammar and punctuation skills

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12. 3. Evaluates text and web sites to identify author's point of view and purpose

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