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Climate Tagger by Mind Map: Climate Tagger

1. 1. Basic facts

1.1. available free of charge

1.1.1. Climate Tagger API Drupal plugin WordPress plugin CKAN

1.1.2. Climate Smart Glossary Drupal plugin WordPress plugin

1.1.3. Open Data Climate Smart Thesaurus

1.2. for online resources in clean energy and climate

1.2.1. automated tagging

1.2.2. related documents from content pool

1.2.3. free of charge

1.2.4. custom-made extensions possible

1.3. 5 languages

1.3.1. Spanish

1.3.2. French

1.3.3. German

1.3.4. English

1.3.5. Portuguese

1.3.6. more languages possible

1.4. covers (large parts) of sustainability areas

1.4.1. Renewable Energy relevant technologies (smart) grids

1.4.2. Energy Efficiency physical measures policies

1.4.3. Climate Compatible Development adaptation M&E for adaption and mitigation projects mitigation carbon markets REDD+ climate services green growth and sustainable development

1.5. powered by REEEP's Climate Smart thesaurus

1.5.1. synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms

1.5.2. common misspellings

1.5.3. definitions reegle's own DBpedia (Wikipedia) OpenEI other sources SERN Little REDD Book plus others

1.5.4. full Linked Open Data

1.5.5. all concepts are interconnected hierarchical vertical

1.5.6. external linkage other Open Data providers FAO's AGROVOC GEMET OpenEI Smart Grid Glossary

2. 3. Services available

2.1. content pool

2.1.1. own documents can be added to content pool

2.1.2. Recommended Documents Service receive and use documents from a specified area of interest from the continuously growing reegle API content pool to suit exact needs build new and innovative / enriched services for your own information system

2.1.3. Similar Documents Service based on submitted document you receive similar documents (as return value from the API) available from t reegle API content pool build your own innovative / enriched services for example to provide 'similar content widgets' on your blog or website

2.1.4. use to link documents within a certain web-portal link across different portals

2.1.5. to be developed 2016 harvester automatic scanning and tagging of resources attached to websites (PDF and word docs)

2.2. register for free and receive API key

2.2.1. unlimited projects

2.2.2. unlimited requests

2.3. scans documents and extracts relevant tags automatically

2.3.1. types of extracted tags Concepts quality-assured tags recognized from the Clean Energy Thesaurus additional information such as synonyms and relations available Location tags including longitude and latitude Terms based of term frequency and position within the original document

2.3.2. use for suggest tags to authors automatically create a common language and improve searching for users categorize documents receive relevant keywords for SEO improve semantic relations of your own resources

2.4. Demo GUI

2.4.1. test tagging service

2.4.2. no programming skills needed

2.5. Climate Tagger tools

2.5.1. Climate Tagger for Drupal

2.5.2. Climate Tagger for wordpress

2.5.3. Climate Tagger for CKAN

2.6. Climate Smart Glossary for wordpress

2.7. Climate Smart Glossary for Drupal

3. 2. Project details

3.1. originally funded under the CDKN Innovation Fund

3.2. Project lead

3.2.1. REEEP

3.3. original project partners 2011

3.3.1. OpenEI

3.3.2. weADAPT

3.3.3. IDS/Eldis

3.4. successive projects to extend Climate Tagger

3.4.1. extension projects concluded Forest Carbon Partnership Facility REDD+ Green Growth Best Practice GGBP Green Growth German GIZ Climate services Adaptation M&E CTCN Economics of Adaptation GHG mitigation in industry

4. 4. use-cases

4.1. To organize a previously unsearchable document database-structure previously unstructured text files

4.2. To cross-link your own resources

4.3. To cross-link your resources with external documents

4.4. To offers definitions, synonyms and links

4.5. Multiple language tagging

4.6. Add depth to your platform with suitable 3rd party resources

4.7. More use-cases are possible depending on individual needs

5. 4. Climate Tagger articles, blogs, webinar recordings

5.1. Articles about Climate Tagger

5.1.1. Semantic Web Company Semantic Web driven tagging tool makes clean energy content searchable and findable! Automatic Semantic Tagging for Drupal CMS launched Free Webinar: Linked Data for the Environmental Sector – Use Cases and Opportunities

5.1.2. PoolParty Success Story

5.1.3. businesswire info Climate Tagger: REEEP Launches Automatic Tagging for Drupal CMS

5.1.4. LEDS PoolParty for sustainable development: the Climate Tagger webinar

5.1.5. CTCN CTCN, REEEP Launch Climate Tagger Tool

5.1.6. FAO Climate Tagger: Tagging Climate Content Automatically

5.1.7. marketwatch Climate Tagger: REEEP Launches Automatic Tagging for Drupal CMS

5.1.8. CDKN Knowledge brokers collaboration: Automated tagging tool to make finding climate compatible information easier FEATURE: simplified way to search for energy and climate information FEATURE: Supporting collaboration between climate knowledge brokers

5.1.9. weADAPT blog Knowledge brokers collaboration: Automated tagging tool to make finding climate compatible information easier

5.1.10. OKFN Climate Tagger for Drupal & CKAN

5.1.11. REEEP Climate Tagger to Aid Organizations in Using Knowledge to Combat Climate Change Towards a Common Vocabulary for Climate Change - part 1 Towards a common vocabulary for climate change - part 2: reflections and next steps

5.1.12. environmentalleader Climate Tagger Tool Launched

5.1.13. solarenergy news CTCN, REEEP Launch Climate Tagger Tool

5.1.14. reegle reegle releases free tool for automated tagging

5.2. Webinar about Climate Tagger

5.2.1. Climate Tagger: Knowledge solutions to combat climate change for LAC regions (Spanish)

5.2.2. CKB Presentation that includes Climate Tagger (start 42:53)

5.2.3. PoolParty for Sustainable Development: The Climate Tagger

5.2.4. PoolParty Semantic Suite: Solutions for Sustainable Development: The Climate Tagger - REEEP Introduction Slides