Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Rock, Paper, Scissors by Mind Map: Rock, Paper, Scissors

1. Options in the UI

1.1. Modes

1.1.1. player vs. computer

1.1.2. computer vs. computer

1.1.3. invalid inputs

1.2. Players

1.2.1. Boris

1.2.2. Sarah

1.2.3. John

1.2.4. invalid inputs

1.3. Shapes

1.3.1. Rock

1.3.2. Paper

1.3.3. Scissors

1.3.4. invalid inputs

2. Outputs in the UI

2.1. Outcomes

2.1.1. You win

2.1.2. Computer wins

2.1.3. Tie

3. Possible Improvements

3.1. number of hands

3.1.1. number of ties or total number of hands in the summary

3.1.2. play more 100 rounds?

3.1.3. limit number of rounds to scrolling buffer

3.2. prompt user for input after a period of time

3.3. scissors is plural

3.4. punctuation consistency

3.5. adding user's name

3.6. player vs. player

3.7. saving who won after quitting

3.8. more explicit invalid input messages

3.9. Lizard/Spock

3.10. what should have report have been?

4. Automated Test Coverage

4.1. shapes getting beaten

4.1.1. standard = Rock, Paper, or Scissors

4.1.2. standard shapes are beaten correctly

4.1.3. non-standard shapes are beaten correctly

4.1.4. Lizard and Spock are beaten correctly

4.2. event listeners

4.2.1. handles wins from player 1

4.2.2. handles wins from player 2

4.2.3. handles ties

4.2.4. increments score

4.2.5. handles invalid state

4.3. computer choosing shapes

4.3.1. computer chose a non-empty shape

4.3.2. references to computer are unique

4.4. humans choosing shapes

4.4.1. rock wins against scissors

4.4.2. catching invalid integer

4.5. console UI test

4.5.1. results are displayed for each round

4.5.2. results are displayed for each game

4.5.3. we tell you which mode you chose player vs. computer computer vs. computer

4.5.4. we tell you how many rounds you chose

5. Not Currently Automated

5.1. UI

5.1.1. ties

5.1.2. which shape loses to another shape

5.2. invalid inputs

5.2.1. things that aren't strings or natural numbers

5.2.2. really long strings or natural numbers

5.3. source files are accessible and compile

5.4. how long it takes to play a game

5.5. Lizard/Spock extension

5.6. round or game interrupted

5.7. player name chosen is player name displayed on round and game results

5.8. is round number incremented by one?

5.9. multiple users (not yet implemented)

6. Manual Testing

6.1. how output is displayed

6.2. results for each round for more than 50 rounds

6.3. read documentation on github

7. Bugs

7.1. selected John but was told Sarah won; selected Sarah but was told John won

7.1.1. ConsoleUi; lines 47-48

7.1.2. John and Sarah switched

7.2. Lizard/Spock

7.2.1. rename title of game