CNIB - Canadian National Institute for the Blind

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CNIB - Canadian National Institute for the Blind by Mind Map: CNIB - Canadian National Institute for the Blind

1. Who are they?

2. What do they do?

3. Who do they help?

4. The CNIB is a resource for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted who have been around since 1918.

5. The CNIB provides community based support, knowledge and a national voice for those suffering with vision loss in Canada.

6. The CNIB serves ANY Canadian in ANY community in Canada that is suffering from vision loss.

7. The CNIB helps children, adults, partially blind, completely blind, recently blind or blind from birth individuals who need assistance.

8. Who are the CNIB associated with?

9. The CNIB works in global partnerships in such places as the Caribbean and the USA. They also make donations of assistive technologies to countries including Haiti, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

10. " It is our mission is to ensure access for the community we serve and to foster an inclusive society "(CNIB).

11. Mission

12. How they help students and families?

13. CNIB offers services to students including an early literacy kit, Canada's largest library of accessible materials for people with vision impairments, and assistive technology and other devices in order to assist individuals in their daily activities and living.

14. Where to get services

15. Services are available on line, through the CNIB website, or in a local office throughout Canada or through the CNIB Helpline.