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IF and DO by Mind Map: IF and DO

1. Combining two apps of Christmas, here is a MindMeister to talk about IF and DO!

2. DO

2.1. This took me slightly longer to figure out than IF

2.2. I add the first suggestion 'email me an amazing gif' and it does, immediately, which is pretty cool

2.3. I then try and add the widget to my phone screen. This take a while for me to figure out (I want the small icon but it's the same as the app icon so this confuses things. I install a slightly larger widget)

2.4. I send myself a few more amazing gifs until I'm a bit bored

2.5. Having looked through some of the suggested recipes it becomes abundantly clear that there are a whole raft of apps out there that I've never heard's a bit scary

2.6. I don't think there's anything I want to get right now, but I'm going to leave the app installed as I reckon it could be useful in the future.

2.6.1. Verdict: potentially very useful, time will tell!

3. IF

3.1. I love the idea of this!

3.2. I cannot believe I've not heard of it before

3.3. I can see how amazingly useful this could be in all sorts of scenarios

3.4. I am a little unsure of any 'recipes' that would work for me so I log in and take a look...

3.4.1. and one of the first ones that comes up is 'unmute my phone when I get home'. This is PERFECT for me.

3.4.2. verdict: IF is genius.

3.4.3. also, it's really fun!

4. One thing I do know is that I love mind maps.

4.1. MindMeister always takes me a little while to get the hang of and I want to go back to using pen and paper

4.2. Although you obviously can't add links and images easily on paper.

4.3. and you can move things around more easily on here

4.3.1. so I guess MindMeister is useful, but not my favourite app of all time.