Alberta Program of Studies (POS) - Front Matter

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Alberta Program of Studies (POS) - Front Matter by Mind Map: Alberta Program of Studies (POS) - Front Matter

1. Vision

1.1. multiple perspectives

1.2. sense of belonging & acceptance

1.3. building of a society

2. Definition

2.1. study of people in relation to each other

2.2. history, geography, ecology, economics, law, philosophy, political science

2.3. ethical issues

3. Role

3.1. active & responsible citizens

3.2. engaged in democratic process

4. Skills & Processes

4.1. active inquiry and critical and creative thinking

4.2. problem solving and conflict resolution

4.3. historical and geographic skills

4.4. conduct research ethically using varied methods and sources

4.5. communicate ideas and information

5. Values & Attitudes

5.1. diversity

5.2. social compassion

5.3. global consciousness

5.4. appreciate perspectives

5.5. demonstrate a consciousness for the natural environment

5.6. lifelong learning

6. Knowledge & Understanding

6.1. rights & responsibilities

6.2. nature & history of Canada

6.3. historic and contemporary issues, including controversial issues, from multiple perspectives

6.4. Aboriginal peoples in urban, rural, cultural and linguistic settings & historical and contemporary realities of Francophones

6.5. challenges and opportunities that immigration presents

6.6. political and economic distribution

6.7. role of social, political, economic and legal institutions

6.8. humans exist in a dynamic relationship