Flow 5 Minutes

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Flow 5 Minutes by Mind Map: Flow 5 Minutes

1. How can we create experiences that Get us to perform at our very best in life?

1.1. How to create really deep profound joyful experiences .... That are incidentally also the most productive and effective

2. As a Kid

2.1. What did you enjoy the most?

2.1.1. playing sports

3. What if we could design more experiences in our work lives .... that match the flow experience of sports?

4. Here are the 3 keys to creating a flow experience - MAKE IT A GAME

4.1. 1. Having a very clear goal

4.1.1. Record this Audio

4.2. 2. Constraints

4.2.1. Time 30 minutes

4.2.2. Physical In a room Removed coffee and protein bar

4.2.3. Attention Turned off all connectivity Phone Computer

4.2.4. Rules Must create recording High Quality Publishable Rules of a game Cicero said To be completely free, one must become a slave to a set of rules

4.3. 3. Fun

4.3.1. Challening Running against time Have to finish it Creating a high quality summary that you will love At the edge of what is possible for me. I might come up short

4.3.2. AutoTelic Activity is the reward I love it I could do it for hours

4.3.3. Lost Myself Lose yourself

4.3.4. Constant feedback Scoreboard time left, v/s what all I need to talk about