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The SOAS Development SOS job hunt map by Mind Map: The SOAS Development SOS job hunt map
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The SOAS Development SOS job hunt map

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Every development Website that advertise jobs - if you know any not on list please add

Job Bord Website

Comany website

Often the individual employers have RSS feeds or blogs which you can subscribe to in order to find positions.


Direct contact on possible jobs

Several friends of mine from SOAS contacted local NGOs in Africa and Asia and volunteered thier services to them for a local salary

If you find a UK ngo you like you can call them and ask them what temping agencies they use so you can register with them and try and temp experience in an NGO.

was lucky, I got parttime work whilst at SOAS at Adam Smith International which led to a career in Iraq. I am due to fly to Pakistan on Monday for two months.

General Careers Advice

General advice

Getting that First Job

Skills marketing For CV and interview

key questions to answer what job are you looking for really?

General issues getting Jobs the field

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