The Jolly Jaunters

Chatity Event Map

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The Jolly Jaunters by Mind Map: The Jolly Jaunters

1. Budget

1.1. How much will the event cost?

1.2. How will the costs be covered?

2. When

2.1. Wednesday 13th December 2016

2.1.1. Time TBC

3. Where

3.1. 'The Greenock Cut'

4. Event Action Plan

4.1. Carry out risk assessment

4.2. Created map of our route

4.3. Advertise our Event

4.4. Decide on and contact our chosen charity

4.5. Raise awareness for ther charity

5. Invitation

5.1. Caroline

5.2. Stuart

5.3. Joanne

5.4. Stacey

5.5. Kellyanne

6. Run Event

6.1. Make sure everyone has their role

6.2. Make sure everything is planned properly

6.3. Make sure everyone is happy with the plans made

6.4. Make sure we all have fun!

7. Charity

7.1. The Greenock Food Bank